2019 Chamber Music Competition 


Carnegie Hall Weill Hall Performance;

Full and partial scholarships to attend 2020 BIPF Chamber Music Program;

Other performing opportunities.

Prize rules:

There are no extra fees for the winners to perform at the Carnegie Hall. All winners will be responsible for their own transportation and accommodations in New York City.

Competition winner would agree to perform at the Carnegie Hall Winners Concert on the date selected by the BIPF without any monetary compensation.

Rules and Regulations:

1. Competition is open to any instrumental ensembles and must include piano (only one piano per ensemble is allowed): piano trio, piano quartet and piano quintet.

2. Ensembles who are under the professional management are not eligible to compete.

3. No member of ensemble is eligible to compete in more than one ensemble including prescreening audition.

4. No substitution of members of any ensemble is allowed after the submission of application materials.

5. No repertoire changes are allowed after the application is submitted.

6. All ensemble members should be between age of 12 and 22 on July 1st, 2019.

7. Prescreening audition; ensemble should submit a video recording (Youtube link, Vimeo link) of the same repertoire that ensemble will present at the live audition.

8. Repertoire: one or several movements (compositions) with the total time limit of 15 min.

9. No more than 12 ensembles will be invited to the Final round.

10. The deadline for the application is: July 1, 2019

11. Application fee is $35 per each ensemble member payable by check or Paypal.

12. BIPF has the right to use any materials from the live audition including but not limited to: audio, video recordings, live-streaming, printing materials including photos without any monetary compensation to participants.

13. Jury has the right to not award the prize, share the prize and award additional prizes.

14. All jury decisions are final and not subject to appeal.